What We Do

The VI Group partners with business owners to make their enterprises more valuable.  The “partnering” begins with a transaction in which the VI Group acquires some or all of the target company.  The terms of the transaction depend on how much liquidity the owner wishes to achieve, his interest in remaining with the business, and other factors.

After investing in a company, we work closely with management to analyze current Operations and market conditions to identify opportunities for improvement.  That often means upgrading Information Systems, strengthening Management teams, restructuring Financials, and improving business practices.  It may involve developing new services, or building a more powerful brand.  In all cases, the VI Group’s objective is to increase business value for potential buyers.  Upon execution of the sale, we subsequently share the enhanced value with our Investment and Management partners.

There is no specific timetable in which a business is re-capitalized, or sold.  Market conditions affect the performance and value of a business, and the emergence of a strong buyer cannot be controlled.  However, when it is clear that the value has been optimized, and can be captured by selling the company, the VI Group and management will actively seek a buyer.  This second transaction often generates as much return to the original owners as the first, depending upon how much equity they chose to retain.  Managers participate in the gains from both stock options, and from capital appreciation related to any direct investment in the first transaction.