VI Group Helping to Meet the Needs of Aging Boomers

Ever since the first Baby Boomers turned 65 in 2011, growing numbers of boomers are becoming senior citizens every day – and unfortunately more of them will require costlier and more sophisticated healthcare than previous generations, according to a study by the United Health Foundation.

That is why Joe Cuzzupoli has dedicated his time to ensure the quality care and support needed will be there for individuals who will require comprehensive rehabilitation and nursing services.  Not just for seniors, but anyone requiring post-surgical care.  The kind of short-term, long-term, skilled care found at Maristhill in Waltham.

Joe Cuzzupoli was impressed by how Maristhill’s highly qualified staff has consistently demonstrated remarkable efficiency and outcomes in helping patients regain life skills so they can return home with confidence and strength as quickly as possible. Thus, Joe Cuzzupoli joined Maristhill’s Board of Directors, committing to actively participating in helping create a more effective care environment for the elderly and the injured alike.